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About Sudbury Automotive
Welcome to  Sudbury Automotive, your local resource for quality services to keep your cars in top condition. For over twenty years we have serviced hundreds of valued customers in the area, making friendships that have spanned new cars and even some "second generation" customers from the same families. We hope to have the chance to include your family in our list of valued customers in the near future.

Since our beginning over forty years ago at a smaller facility down the street from our current shop, technologies have changed with each automotive model year, leaving many smaller, independent facilities behind in their abilities to service the ever increasing complexities of today's vehicles. At Sudbury Automotive, we have maintained the knowledge, tools and equipment necessary to service and repair all  domestic and foreign vehicles. For many families, we provide full service for their American cars as well as their Volvos, Mercedes, Saabs, Hondas, Toyotas, BMWs, and other European and Japanese cars.

As important as having the right tools is having the right parts. Our ability is second to none in procuring the right part as fast as possible. We maintain a computer link with many domestic and foreign dealerships throughout the nation. There are many times when no local warehouse or dealer has a certain part for a certain model car, and even the area dealers will most likely say "two to three days". We have located such parts, through our "parts link", late in the afternoon in such states as Iowa or California and had them in our hands by 9:30 the next morning.

However, the nuts, bolts and electronics of your car are always second to you, the customer. Even if we do a great job of servicing your car, we've failed if we haven't worked to make every aspect of your visit to Sudbury Automotive as pleasant as possible. This means being able to service your vehicle when you want it serviced, provide a courtesy loaner vehicle for your use, communicate with you as your vehicle is being serviced and completely explaining each service and repair and why your car needed them. 

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